The Shock of Life 

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The shock of my life reminds me, of Woody Allen once famously said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him what your plans are.” This sentiment rang true in my life when a shocking revelation threatened to shatter my dreams. In this article, I will share my personal experience of encountering an unexpected obstacle during the Army Selection and Recruitment process, the devastating impact it had on me, and the inspiring journey of rediscovering purpose and embracing the inner sight.

1. The Initial Setback

After successfully clearing the first preliminary test at the Army Selection and Recruitment Center, I felt a sense of satisfaction and excitement for the future. However, my journey took an unexpected turn during the medical check-up at the Combined Military Hospital. The eye specialist delivered me the shock of life, a crushing blow by declaring me unfit without providing any specific details. I returned home feeling dejected and defeated, my heart heavy with disappointment. 

Shocked Face
The Initial Setback

       a. Seeking Answers 

Determined to understand the nature of my eye problem, my father advised me to consult a renowned eye specialist in the city. With hope and trepidation, I visited the specialist who took his time before delivering a life-altering diagnosis: I was suffering from an eye ailment that would eventually lead to the complete loss of my eyesight.

2. The Shock of Life

The Shock of Life
The Shock of Life

The revelation was an absolute shock, instantly shattering my dreams of a bright future. I returned home feeling as if I had already lost my sight, navigating through a world that suddenly felt unfamiliar and disorienting. It was during this dark period that I recalled a TV play, a story of a young man facing a similar eye problem while aspiring to become a Fighter Pilot. His fear of disappointing his loved ones led him to abandon everything and disappear. The poignant climax of the play revealed the power of inner sight, where the blind protagonist recognized his childhood love through a profound connection of the soul.

3. Realizing the Difference

Unlike a play or drama, my shattered dreams were not fiction. The devastating revelation pushed me to the brink, leaving me emotionally and mentally devastated. However, I decided to seek guidance and support from my uncle, a respected professional in Qatar. With his invaluable advice, he directed me to approach a Brigadier Eye Specialist at the Military Hospital, armed with his reference.

4. Embracing Resilience and Inner Sight

The following day, I eagerly reported to the Military Hospital to meet the Brigadier Eye Specialist. Through a thorough and professional examination, I received a remarkable revelation—I was declared perfectly fit, with a written report affirming my clear eyesight. This unexpected turn of events ignited a flame of resilience within me, reigniting my determination to overcome the setback and pursue my dreams.

5. Rediscovering Purpose

Armed with the assurance of my eyesight, I felt a renewed sense of purpose. The experience of facing adversity head-on and emerging stronger instilled in me a profound understanding of the inner sight—that inner strength and resilience can guide us even in the face of external challenges. It was a powerful reminder that setbacks are not the end of the road but opportunities for growth and self-discovery.


The shock of life, the unexpected revelation that threatened to strip away my dreams, ultimately became a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. By seeking guidance, embracing resilience, and rekindling the flame of determination, I overcame the setback and rediscovered my purpose. The journey taught me the power of inner sight—the ability to see beyond physical limitations and tap into the depths of my soul. It was through this journey that I realized setbacks are not the end but rather a chance to uncover inner strength and navigate life’s challenges with unwavering resolve. Embracing the shock of life led me on a path of resilience, determination, and the belief that even in the face of adversity, inner sight can guide us towards a brighter future.

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