Wayfarer Smart Glasses with Photo, Video & Audio

Wayfarer Smart Glasses with Photo, Video & Audio is an innovative product that offers a new level of convenience and functionality to your daily life. These smart glasses are designed to capture life’s moments in high-quality photos and video and also offer crystal-clear audio recording. With a built-in camera, you can capture images and videos hands-free, and instantly store and share them with others. The glasses also allow for seamless Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to take calls and listen to music on the go. Overall, Wayfarer Smart Glasses with Photo, Video & Audio offer a unique and versatile way to enhance your everyday experiences



Product Description

  1. Hands-free functionality: With the Wayfarer Smart Glasses, you can capture photos and videos without having to hold a camera or a smartphone.
  2. High-quality camera: The built-in camera captures high-quality photos and videos, allowing you to document life’s moments with clarity.
  3. Crystal-clear audio: The glasses offer high-quality audio recording, allowing you to capture sound and conversations in detail.
  4. Bluetooth connectivity: With seamless Bluetooth connectivity, you can take calls and listen to music on the go without having to reach for your smartphone.
  5. Stylish design: The Wayfarer Smart Glasses have a classic and trendy design, making them a fashion statement that can be worn on any occasion.
  6. Lightweight and comfortable: The glasses are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making them easy to wear for extended periods of time.
  7. Easy to use: The glasses are user-friendly and easy to operate, allowing you to capture photos and videos with just a few simple gestures.
  8. Versatile: Whether you’re travelling, attending an event, or simply enjoying a day out, the Wayfarer Smart Glasses can enhance your experiences and capture moments that you might otherwise miss.



Brand Ray-Ban
Model Name Stories | Wayfarer
Style Stories | Wayfarer
Colour Brown/Polarized Dark Brown
Special Feature Video Recording, Camera, Voice Control, Phone Call
Shape Square
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer


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