Feed the hungry and visit a sick person, and free the captive, if he is unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed whether Muslim or non-Muslim.”

Feed the hungry and visit a sick person, and free the captive, if he is unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed whether Muslim or non-Muslim. The statement emphasizes the importance of compassion, empathy, and social justice in our interactions with others. It calls for concrete actions to address the needs and injustices faced by different individuals.

Feeding the hungry and visiting the sick reflect the value of caring for those who are vulnerable and in need. It encourages us to extend a helping hand, providing sustenance and support to those who lack basic necessities. It recognizes the importance of empathy and human connection in promoting well-being and healing.

Freeing the unjustly confined captive underscores the call for justice and fairness. It urges us to actively work towards the liberation of those who have been wrongfully imprisoned, advocating for their rights and freedom.

Moreover, the statement emphasizes the principle of assisting any oppressed person, irrespective of their religious background. It underscores the universal value of justice, urging us to stand against oppression and discrimination, regardless of religious or cultural differences.

In essence, the statement promotes a broad sense of humanitarianism, reminding us of our collective responsibility to alleviate suffering, fight injustice, and foster a more compassionate and inclusive society.

By Hamid Mahmood

Hamid Mahmood Veteran | Ex Principal | Author | Blog/Content Creator | Former Security Consultant | Trainer Education: • Master in Political Science ,LLB, PGD (HRM) Beliefs: Humanity, Tolerance, Co-Existence (Live and Let Live), Peace, Harmony. Tranquility, Nature (children, poetry, birds, flowers, plants, and greenery) Experience: • Hamid Mahmood is a veteran with a wealth of experience in various fields. • He has served as an ex-principal, showcasing his leadership and educational expertise. • As an author, he has contributed valuable knowledge and insights to the literary world. • Hamid Mahmood is a dedicated blog and content creator, sharing his thoughts and ideas with a wide audience. • With a background as a former security consultant, he possesses a deep understanding of security-related matters. • Additionally, Hamid Mahmood has worked as a trainer, passing on his knowledge and skills to others. Travels: • He has explored various regions of Pakistan, including the Azad Kashmir Mountains, the deserts of Sind and Punjab, the lush green tops of KP, the rugged hilltops of Baluchistan, and the bustling city of Karachi. • His extensive travels have given him a profound appreciation for the beauty of Pakistan, leading him to believe that it is one of the most stunning places on Earth.

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