It is almost past midnight in a Military Academy; the silence of the peaceful night is broken by a shrewd voice. ‘You have two minutes, take a bath, change into civvies and get back. So every Gentleman cadet, shivering in the biting cold of the month of January, in their wet and mud-filled underwear, heaving a sigh of relief, scrambles to comply with seniors’ order.  Two minutes are still tickling by, but here come the smart turbo sporty guys, dressed in three pieces, trousers, shirt, necktie, matching coat, black socks, black shoes, properly combed hair, and not forgetting to spray the perfume also. But what about some lazy guys, still joining? Well, they have another nightmarish reception waiting for them. Since the tedious cold night still remains. Front rolls, frog jumps, side rolls, legs up, push-ups, singing folk songs, again changing in PT dress, in civvies, collecting maximum frogs etc, etc.

Is this exercise confined to one night, or some nights only? Nope, it‘s a perpetual saga of this voluntary adventurism/romance of military life, till the time these shitty juniors get their juniors. Why this indignity, ignominy and disgrace! Well, it definitely has its own logic, rationality and wisdom behind it. Every human being is bestowed with a unique quality of Ego, Id and Super Ego. One can’t imagine doing or submitting to the orders/demands of others without thinking or arguing whatsoever, respecting his own ego. Here comes the point then. If a person is not tuned/trained to submit to superior’s orders in peacetime, how is he going to jump in the thick of the battle, or go behind enemy lines for clandestine/ covert operations? Once he gets orders from his seniors. A point to remember is that once operational plans are discussed on models/maps etc., the minutest details of that operation are thoroughly discussed by the planner and the executors at the command level. The doubts if any, are cleared then and there, and even minor changes are modified for the better execution/success of the designated operation. It is sort of customary for the senior to ask the juniors, gentlemen any doubt! meaning by still chance /time to clear anything whatsoever regarding the operation can be clarified.

By Hamid Mahmood

A Veteran, Ex Principal, Author, Blog/Content Creator, Former Security Consultant, and Trainer. Education: Master in Political Science, LLB, PGD (HRM) A down-to-earth personality believes in Humanity, Tolerance, Co-Existence (Live n Let Live), Peace, Harmony, Tranquility, Loves Nature, (Children, Poetry, Birds, Flowers, Plants, Greenery, ) Have seen most areas of Pakistan from the Azad Kashmir mountains to the deserts of Sind, Punjab, the lush green tops of KP, the rugged hilltops of Baluchistan, hustle bustle of Karachi, so I truly believe Pakistan is one of the most beautiful land on planet earth.

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